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Hey there,

I'm epli - a documentary photographer who works bicoastally in the Bay Area and whose home base is nestled in Western Massachusetts. 


Growing up I was that kid that once introduced to the darkroom I missed meals, running around stinking of developer - and loving it. Now, as an adult, I (sadly) don't smell of developer - but I still exist with one part of my consciousness always wrapped in people watching, light appreciating and awe of the ways in which we are all connected.

With a combined background in education and photography, I have spent my life studying human connection and growth. Children are the masters of living in the moment, vulnerably seeking connection and unadulterated excitement about the little things. Working with them, in everyway, is a reciprocal relationship.


The other part of my photography is my social justice documentary work. My current project home//made celebrates trans, gender non-conforming and butch parents.

In every aspect of my work, it has been my focus to celebrate what is. what is all around us.

the everyday extraordinary. 

                                                                   We are living it. 

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