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"all that a year can hold" package:
three shoots through the course of your first year together

It is truly a remarkable time of physical and developmental growth within the first year, the problem is as parents, we are so busy tending to all that growth that we often miss out on the magic of the big picture. 

This package is ideal for those who want documentation of this but don't want to deal with the hassle. Let me help! We will begin by scheduling our first shoot within twelve days of your child's birth. I will do a full session with you and your family, including newborn portraits (through a blend of traditional and candid images).  I will then be in touch six months later to schedule and shoot another full two-hour session with your family. As your little one's first birthday comes around, I will be back in touch to schedule our shoot together. I am happy to then either do a session with your family (as we have before) or document their First Birthday party for 90 minutes. 

Along with having the peace of mind that your child's story is being beautifully documented, this package offers us the opportunity to further develop comfort and a friendship which makes the images that much more warm and alive.

3 sessions + digital files  $2000

sliding scale $ 1600 +

coffee table books available

click here to get a sense of "what to expect" from our shoot


"epli has been photographing my grandchildren, Bijou and Javier, since they were born! I am always so amazed at how she captures the most darling moments in the most natural and unexpected way. Epli doesn't ask for cute outfits or even clean faces; just children being children doing their thing. But epli's trained eye knows exactly how to use light and nature's own props for a beautiful, perfectly organic result. Bijou and Javi adore her! Children instinctively know she is genuinely in love with children. You'll see exactly what I mean."

- Berti Borell   

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90 mins is the perfect length of time to forget about the camera and create images that delightfully speak to this time in your lives.  Ideal for making holiday cards or stunning images for the walls of your home.

In-home sessions are most popular, but outdoor adventures are also wonderful!

The secret to family photography is comfort and fun. It's about being well-fed, well-rested and ready to play. I recommend an activity of some sort - an art project, a baking project, playing dressup, etc. 

session + digital  $675

sliding scale : $500+

click here to get a sense of "what to expect" from our shoot


45 minutes is a great amount of time for maternity,  couples sessions, individuals or more traditional holiday card family sessions (meaning eye to camera, 

"smile -focused", rather than documentary/storytelling.)

session + digital files $450

sliding scale $375+

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day in the life session:

These sessions begin at four hours, and can go as long as "rise and shne" through till the end of the bedtime routine. These sessions are my favorite as they are our opportunity to celebrate all that a day can hold in the story of your life.


session + digital files $1200

sliding scale $1000+

coffee table books available

click here to get a sense of "what to expect" from our shoot


weddings and life events:

please be in touch. packages tailored to your specific needs, rates begin at $250 an hour

epli photographed my wedding this summer. The pictures were incredible but truthfully it almost didn't matter what she sent us. She has this incredible way of holding and observing space that made this moment for us feel as deep and as real as we could hope it would. She created opportunities when we were with her to reflect on ourselves and on what was happening to us. It sounds silly to say she made us feel special but I can't think of any better way to say it. She got our beautiful pictures to us quickly. When babies come around she is gonna be getting another call from us!

- Andie Gersh

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