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With over 10 years of teaching and creative childcare experience, combined with my career as a documentary photographer, I have created a unique and powerful way to document your child. Instead of asking them to smile, we will create an experience where they can't help but do just that!


Here's how it works:

1.     We'll begin with a phone consultation in which I learn about your child, exploring what moves them and                 what environments make them come alive.

 2.    I will then create a photo shoot that is tailored to your child. It will involve a creative activity or stimulating             location.

3.     We do the shoot! It will take about 2 hours, and produce one-of-a-kind images for loved ones/holiday                           cards/calendars/announcements.



                    phone consultation

                    2 hour shoot/ fun-filled experience  for your child

                    50+  edited full-res images

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