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"I can not recommend her enough as a photographer for your events and portraits."

"epli is a thoughtful, detail oriented photographer.  epli uses light and lenses to photograph the dynamic action of our classes with both action shots and participant portraits.  She tells the story of the moment through carefully captured details that tie the imagery together. In addition she moves through the space thoughtfully with her lens(es) in a way that puts participants at ease.  She connects to participants, seeks consent and communicates elements she wants to capture confidently.  She has a clear vision, and executes it with grace.  Last Fall epli came to the farm to photograph our beekeeper headshots & co-portraits.  She captured the essence of our collaboration in still photographs utilizing our tools, machinery and personalities as elements in the story telling.  She had a clear vision for how to represent our collaborative partnership in still images, and I treasure her keen eye for details and narrative every time I look at this work.  Her images became a central component of our newly launched website, and clearly narrate the essence of They Keep Bees.

- Ang Roell, They Keep Bees

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